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BIM Regional Hubs supports showcase events


In March 2012 CIC was tasked with creating a network of Building Information Modelling (BIM) Regional Hubs to help raise awareness and the benefits of BIM to the industry as a whole and facilitate the early adoption of BIM processes and working methods throughout the UK’s construction industry.Objectives

– Interface with the core team and the emerging legacy support organisation to raise awareness of the BIM programme and its requirements

– Act as a conduit for relevant information on the programme to ensure a consistent and contextualised message is disseminated

– Enable regional engagement in national discussions

– Encourage the sharing of BIM knowledge and best practice within the networks

– Facilitate regional collaborative activity to support the development of the supply chain’sBIM capabilities

– Provide linkage with the GCS BIM Task Group and the CIC BIM Forum

– Provide valuable feedback to the core team

To find out more about your local Hub please see the Governments BIM Task Group Website.

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